Angela Bassett speaks on being fondled by her mother’s boyfriend

angela bassett

Hollywood actress, Angela Bassett has opened up on suffering sexual molestation in the hands of her mother’s boyfriend.

The actress narrated her experience when she hosted Rape Foundation’s annual brunch.

She stated that her breasts were fondled by her mother’s boyfriend when she was asleep in her room. She said she wasn’t even a teenager then.

“Fortunately, it wasn’t a complete assault, it was fondling, but it was devastating enough for a child who’s 12 or 13.”

She added: “Thankfully, to have a mother who could tell as soon as light broke that this happened and for her to expel him [meant a lot]. That she heard me, believed me, and did something about it, I think was so empowering for me as a young teen, as a young woman.”

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The Black Panther actress further stated that her husband is teaching their sons about consent and respecting boundaries.

She said: “You just want them to be aware. They’ll be in situations one day, and when a girl says no, both to him and to her, she means no.”

angela basset
angela basset
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