What happened when I rented room where dead bodies were kept – Singer Mzbel


Ghanaian singer, Mzbel has revealed how she use to sleep in a room where dead bodies use to get dressed before they are taken for final interment.

According to Mzbel, this was after she was sent away from Senior High School for inviting a male to a female hostel.

After she was sent off from the hostel, she had to seek accommodation which led her to an old woman who offered her a free room.

After spending 3 years of sleepless nights in the room with her friend, they finally discovered what the room was used for.

“Helen and I never knew it was a funeral home and our room was the final place for dead bodies. The landlady never told us. We always felt like there was something in the room and we only got to find out in the last days of our school. Even the bodies were kept on the mattress she gave us,” she said.

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