Stop tracing ethnicity or religion of criminals in Nigeria – Falana

Human rights activist and lawyer, Femi Falana has advised Nigerians against tracing the religion and ethnicity of criminals.

According to Falana, many crimes committed in the Southwest are not done by Fulani. However, he lamented how such crimes are quickly attributed to them.

Speaking at a press conference, Falana said:

”I discovered to my under shadowing that majority of the ritual murders, kidnappers, armed robbers operating in the South West are not of the Fulani extraction, mostly they are all mostly Southerners, mostly. But the narration is there, what we have sent out is as if nobody in the South is an armed robber or kidnapper. All kidnapping stories are traced to the Fulani herdsmen.

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We must, particularly the elite, even when justice done in our country. We must stop tracing the ethnic orientation or religion of criminals. When criminals are arrested anywhere in our country”.


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