Shi’ites accuse police of killing 3 of their members during Ashura procession

The Nigerian Police Force has denied accusations from the Islamic Movement of Nigeria, IMN, that they killed 3 Shi’ites during their Ashurah procession.

The IMN defied the proscription against their group by observing the Ashura procession across Nigeria.

IMN spokesman in Kaduna State, Yahaya Mohammed stated that three of their members including a member were killed during the procession.

”In Abuja it (the procession) was peaceful because the police could not stop us,” he said.

”Three persons were killed in Kaduna, including a minor. In Gombe, there was shooting one person was confirmed dead. In Azare local government (area) in Bauchi one person was confirmed dead.”

Channels TV journalist shot as Shi'ites protest in Abuja

Reacting to Yakubu Sabo’s statement, the police said it was all made up towards gaining sympathy.

“Based on the report we have, there was no casualty. We received a report that they were sighted around Biakin Ruwa bypass, and our men went there and dispersed them professionally,” he said.

”That has been their (IMN) approach to make frivolous claims. This is a group that has been proscribed by the state and federal government. The police will not fold its arms; we dispersed them professionally. There was no report of casualty. They are just making this claim to seek public sympathy.”


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