Only God could have done this! I smoked and drank for decades…

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Victorious,Yes, we are victoriousGlory be to God Who has given us victory.

This is my song.I had been on drinks and  smoking for  close to  three decades. I sensed I could not stop these, except God intervened.

Few years back I started looking for a way out, with resolutions that failed at the end of the day.I remember the dream I had,when I was growing up. I saw my aunt, my  father’s sister came and gave me something to eat in the dream. I did then.

From that day, I began to have strange appetite for alcoholic drinks and multilple cigaretesGlory be to God. HE Himself led me to Christ. The night after I went for a service, I had an encounter with the Lord. In my dream, I saw the Pastor come to me.

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He called me by my name. Someone I had never had a close contact with. He asked me what I was doing with myself. That I was not meant to be doing what I was doing.

He brought me nearer to him, took anointing oil and poured it on my headHe took another bottle or so of anointing oil and gave me to drink.He did this each for my ears, feet and hands.I was in tears asking the Lord Jesus to have mercy on me and help me.I woke up and fasted for a few days. There and then , I had another dream where I found myself in a Christian gathering. I was holding a microphone to minister in songs.

As I was about doing it, my father’s younger sister, appeared and tried to take the microphone from my hand. According to her, who could deliver me? She said I was to be what I was doing before I had an encounter with the Lord Jesus. She said many unprintable things of what they would have me become,if not for the Lord Jesus.

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The Lord made me see a wire cord on the floor and I received Divine boldness to begin to use it to beat the woman until she fell and could not get up. And I woke upThe Lord is on the throne!

The following day, I got a call from my people that this same woman died in her sleep.I feared God.I bless the Lord because if it had not been the Lord Who picked me up when HE did, I would still have been a prey in her hand. I would never have  come to my senses.

I would have forever been doomed to hell even from this world.I could never have achieved freedom of my own power if I had not been to God’s house where HE dwells and where HE made Himself real to me.Today, I am a new person. The Lord has done me wellPraise the Lord.

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