Only God could have done this! I had issue with the pregnancy so I was advised to go for scan…

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It could only be God and in His house on earth and  for one to be surrounded by God’s people.Life was stagnant. There was no child in our marriage. I joined the church of God  – Dunamis -with my husband. Great things began to happen.The house Fellowship centre of the church provided a succour for us with prayers and  other forms of help.

I became pregnant. There was joy but it short-lived.I had issue with the pregnancy so I  was advised to go for scan.The report was scary. The baby in the womb was said to be deformed.. it was said that it had congenital malformations and was also a breech.I was placed on special observations.

Only God could have done this! I smoked everything ' smokable' for almost 40years...

I went through six scans and  while each was being done  I saw the form of the foetus. It was not what anyone could pray to have. I had earlier been advised to have it flushed out.Thank God for the type of Pastor that I learn under. He is Dr Paul Enenche.

The Word of God in his mouth inspires one and helps push the faith of the listener up.I held on. Even when no movement was no longer felt in my womb, I decided to go for the healing and deliverance service that was a week to delivery day.And God honoured my faith and the prophecy of His servant.

Only God could have done this! I lived carelessly from teenage years...

Before the end of the service, I began to feel movements of the baby in the womb. He had come back to live !Today, I have a son that is not deformed according to the report of the six scans that I did and saw myself.

Only God can change the evil report said about one.God broke  all the barriers, HE made save delivery possible and gave us a very handsome and undeformed babyTo Him alone be glory and honour.

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