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Lady with hunchback killed for rituals by her nephew

A lady with hunchback has been killed for rituals by her nephew in Ebonyi State

Her nephew, Eric Ifeanyi Okoro, a 28-year-old man was arrested for hacking her to death in Umuka, Okposi.

Popularly known as “yahoo boy” by residents, Eric hacked his aunt Benisa Okoro, a primary school teacher, while she was fast asleep. This was after he had eaten the meal she prepared for him.

Reacting to the incident, the President, Umuka Youth Association, Nwanneka Okorie, stated that the suspect has “been consumed by his inordinate ambition to always have things done in his own way irrespective of whosoever his actions might affect”.

Okorie said: “Ifeanyi is a ‘Yahoo boy’, his father would have been his first victim, when he wanted to kill him the previous year and that was why he was brought home in February, 2018, to live with his aunt.

This is what you get with always wanting things come easy without working for it.” 

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