Fatima and Mohammed’s pop of culture wedding ceremony is a must see

The beautiful couple Fatima and Mohammed met in a way we would ordinarily call coincidence but honestly it was the Universe aligning to bring them together.

After visiting the same restaurant for three years without seeing each other, they met once and that was it!

Kamu/Mother’s night

How We Met
By the bride, Fatima

For the past three years, Mohammed and I both have had lunch every day at the same restaurant (House fourty three) but never laid eyes on each other. On the 19th of July 2018, I was having my lunch alone as usual, when the manager, Ayo, who is a mutual friend teased about how it was high time I got married and then playfully pointed out a random guy at the cafe, stating “that’s your husband“.

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I pleaded with him to stop pointing because I was getting embarrassed, he then walked straight up to the guy and said to him while pointing at me “that’s your wife“. We immediately started talking and then realized we had a lot in common. It felt like it was too much of a coincidence and to put it simply we realized it was God’s plan for us to be together and by His grace it happened on my birthday 3rd, August 2019, Alhamdulillah.

Wedding Dinner

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