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What happened when lady visited Balogun market to sensitize male traders against indecently touching female customers

Below is a narration from a lady who went to a popular market in Lagos to sensitize male traders against the act of always indecently touching female customers and hurling insults at them.


So I went to Balogun Market to speak with traders (men) on how not to touch women or hurl immoral slurs at them just because they want to advertise their products..
I had about 40 men in attendance..
I know today alone won’t make much difference which is why I shall be vising there constantly to remind them..
They were at first reluctant but with God they listened..
While some came to still cat call me and attempted to touch me, I did not get angry, I understood that it’s a cultural thing and will take time for them to

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Adjust and act normal.
Yes we say all these online but we need to take it down to the streets and speak to the ones who actually do these things to women.
They are mostly not online..
Not on twitter
Not on IG
They use their phone to watch movies and skits,

They use it to send what’s app to their girlfriends..
They use it to send samples of their goods.
They do not see our outrage here.
They also won’t listen when you pass the message with insults..
Hate can’t drive hate..
I am doing my small bits.. i hope you do same.

And oh, I spoke with the women too who are enablers..
The ones who tell the 14yrs old girl to “gbe ara duro ” for the disgusting man to fondle her breasts just because she doesn’t want to pay for ticket to display her wares..
Also spoke to the young girls who deliberately

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Allow these men because they need to show superiority to other girls (yes, it happens)

All in all, take that bold step and subtly communicate your feelings…
The men grew up in a society where they think “it’s OK ” to assault women..
It will take time for them to adjust

But we can make it happen, one man at a time…
I need to rest now as I am exhausted, came back and ran to kitchen..

Cheers and don’t fight he/she who doesn’t fight you over these tweets of mine..
If you don’t agree, scroll past..
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