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Toke Makinwa fires back at Oma Akatugba, says he can’t stand that she lives outside his moral box

OAP Toke Makinwa has fire back at sports journalist Oma Akatugba who cautioned her against thinking she is the one to give marriage a second chance at he divorce with ex-husband Maje Ayida.

Toke Makinwa has taken to twitter to speak on how she is skeptical about giving marriage a second chance when Oma Akatugba replied:

“Stop saying you will give marriage another chance. It is marriage that will give you another chance because marriage don’t fail but people do. You and your ex husband failed not the marriage” .

Probably displeased by the response, Toke Tweeted:

“You’ll be shocked at the amount of people you piss off daily just by doing you 😆 you gone be mad for a very long time cos I’m wilding”.

She added:

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“You can’t stand that I live my life outside of your moral box, it is my truth, I worked so hard to get here and I am not going to lose me ever again. Teeeheeeeee”

Many who reacted to her post on marriage skepticism advised that what she needs to keep marriage is tolerance to which she responded.

“Your tolerance and my tolerance might not attend the same school. Instead of preaching tolerance why can’t we admonish everyone to put their best foot forward? Was I brought to the world to tolerate and die???”

She also opened up on being anti-marriage. READ HERE.

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