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Stella Damasus reacts as outrage against senator Elisha Abbo dies down

Actress Stella Damasus has reacted to the way the outrage against senator Elisha Abbo who slapped a woman at a sex toy shop is dying down.

The outrage is not only dying down but Senator Elisha Abbo is walking free and few days ago got issued an Icon Award.

This is quite different from what was experienced when social media couldn’t allow the matter rest as almost every Nigeria condemned the senator and asked for him to be prosecuted.

Wondering where the rage went, Stella Damasus tweeted:

“Was I dreaming or was there a Nigerian senator who slapped a woman on video? If I was not dreaming, did we just stop talking about it? Has he really been left 2 walk free? Did I just see a video of him defending and justify himself? Okay I must be dreaming then. I need to wake up”

When a Twitter user reminded her that protesting against the senator might lead to the killing of protesters by government security operatives, Stella Damasus responded:

“We cannot and should not embrace it. There are other countries who have suffered worse and they stood up to their government. Today they are better off”.

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Why I want to be president after serving as governor – Dino Melaye

Senator Dino Melaye has expressed his dream of becoming president after he mist have served as governor of Kogi State.

The senator representing Kogi West senatorial district made this known while discussing with the PDP excos in Lokoja.

Dino Melaye also presented Joshua blueprint which comprises his mission and vision during a visit to the NUJ on July 31.

He said: “Kogi State is not witnessing democracy, what we are witnessing is government of the greedy, by the greedy and for the greedy; best put as ‘greedocracy’.

“But when I come on board as governor, I shall build a new Kogi State where ideas will revolutionise the state.

“My administration will banish hunger from the state....


Young people all over the world now learning from me -”Slapping senator” Elisha Abbo

Senator Elisha Abbo has stated that young people from around the world are now learning from him because he exhibits the difference between aspiring for office and being in office.

Elisha Abbo who has been dubbed 'slapping senator' after he slapped a lady at a sex toy shop, made the statement while receiving an award.

He was presented with the ICON of Democracy Award by the Intercommunity Awareness for Change and Development Initiative in Abuja last week.

Receiving the award, he said:

“It is not just about being in power for the sake of being in power. There is so much responsibility on young leaders, on leaders all over the world. I believe that young people all over the world will...

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Kenny St Brown reveals how she deprived herself to ensure her daughter graduates from school

Singer Kenny St Brown has taken to social media to celebrate her daughter who just graduated from secondary school.

Sharing her impressive WAEC result, Kenny St Brown revealed that she chose to deprive herself several things celebrities like herself enjoy just to ensure she invest in her daughter.

According to her, ''my most rewarding investment is my daughter's education. While many individuals derive joy in investing in properties, the latest automobiles, a holiday in the most exotic holiday spots of the world, investing in gold and precious stones. My joy comes from investing in the best education money can buy for my kids''.

She added:

"My daughter has brought me...

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