Only God could have done this! We battled SS Anaemia for 17 years…

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HE touched me, Yes, Jesus touched my family, the entire household.
For 17 years the family battled with SS anaemia in three out of four children. We spent , spent and were spent.

Every test we did was always resulting in tears.Managing one child with SS was better imagined not to talk of having three.
My shop , as the mother, was empty.Only God could help save us in that situation

.My husband thus advised us to be going to church for the services.
The children,being on holidays , went, one day to the church and listened to the preaching of the Woman of God which extolled them to make their way right with God. They went out to the altar place to give their lives to the Lord Jesus Christ by themselves.

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Thereby, they started attending the foundation classes ,trusting God for Divine interventionWithin two months of seeking to know God more,their daddy told them to go do another test.
They went to a private hospital for it and the report read AAA week later when they finished the class , we all went together for confirmation of their status at a General Hospital.

Behold, it was confirmed !SS anaemia turned to AAIt could only have been God.The peace of mind and the health that the world could not give us, the Lord made happened to us. HE restored these to each of usThey were cleared . They were SS free. The agelong affliction was healed with no prescription and free of chargeGod is a good God.

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HE is the raiser of peopleJesus washed them with His BloodAnd His Blood still washes clean and makes whole. Like this song goes:Touch me with Your hand, Jesus *2 Please, don’t let me go the same way I cameTouch me with Your hand, JesusSo Jesus did for us.We came to Jesus, HE touched us and we did not remain the same way we came to Him

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