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Omojuwa accused of attacking critics on Twitter by reporting them to their boss

Blogger Japhet Omojuwa has been accused of attacking his critics on Twitter by reporting them to their boss.

This accusations came after he tweeted that some people from twitter wrote asking University College London to withdraw his admission.

Omojuwa’s past was immediately dug into as one Ladi revealed how he reached out to his boss because he shared a different political views with him on social media.

@Ladispeaks wrote:

“Omojuwa sent an email to my HR in my former office to ask me checked because I was attacking Buhari. Well…

I also remember him calling for my sack publicly when I tweeted at Mitchell Obama some years back.

This tweet isn’t to say “God catch am” please it’s far from it. It’s just to state two events”.

Another Twitter user shared his own experience and also what Omojuwa did to another lady.

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@dayoIbitoye wrote:

“Just logged on to twitter and saw tweets about Omojuwa. You have no idea how vile that guy is. In 2012, Omojuwa made a petition to my then boss because I opposed a view he shared on twitter even when I saw him as a friend.

That particular incident broke me. In fact I left twitter for a while because I could not imagine someone you know so well and see as a friend do you such evil.

I overlooked all that and still recommended him for a consultancy opportunity years later in another organization I moved to.

This same twitter he insulted @blossomozurumba and called her all sorts of unprintable names. I really like him as a person, but his emotional character is zero. He has apologized for his past misdeeds, I hope he is truly sorry”.

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Omojuwa replied:

“Another lie by yet another one angry about 2015. Your boss was @AbangMercy . I have never made any petition to her about anyone. If she is not the person, let the world know this boss so we can confirm. You didn’t recommend me for any job! Lie too! Fear God. Even if a little”.

In another post, he wrote:

“I’ve never reported any twitter user to their boss to be fired. I have helped people hire on twitter not fire. When folks get fired for being incompetent or for just being surplus to the needs of the coy., they look for excuses and as you’d already know, “Omojuwa did it” is valid”.

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