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Nigerian man seeks advice on wife who doesn’t seek his permission to do things

A Nigerian man has taken to Twitter to seek advice on how best to deal with a wife who doesn’t seek his permission before doing certain things.

According to the man Identified as Ethan Onwuka, the wife in question loves to bring her siblings to her matrimonial home without the husband’s permission. She also leaves for her parent’s house without seeking the husband’s permission.

He wrote:

“Twitter, I need workable suggestions on how to deal with a wife who thinks it’s okay to bring her family members into their home without infoeming her husband. Who also think it’s okay to leave and run to her to parents place without checking with her husband first.

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She thinks tending to her husband’s household needs are not her duty. Gets very violent and abusive if the husband puts correctional measures out to put her in check. Never acknowledges or apologizes for any wrong but rather looks for a reason to blame her husband for her acrions

Pretends to here correctional counsel from her family or anybody that gets involved but goes home to continue her bad behaviours”.

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