Mama Rainbow releases new photos to prove she is not a cheap actress


Earlier this year, Veteran actress, Idowu Phillips, aka Mama Rainbow, in an interview revealed how she once addressed as the cheapest actress in the movie industry.

She said ” If there was this much money in the industry when I started acting, I would have built several houses. At a time, I was even called the cheapest actress in several newspapers. I cried bitterly. Then I took the newspaper to my children at home, and they consoled me. I thank God that he blessed me with good children who always listened to me.

However, I didn’t mind because it was from the little money I was paid that I used in training my children. Then, I was paid about N3,000 per movie. But thank God, I built a house even before those that were collecting millions.”

Well the veteran actress is not in the league of cheap players especially as she is now a brand ambassador for Airtel.

Check out these newly released photos of her.


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