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How young actresses force themselves on movie producers in s3x for roles – Veteran actress

Ghanaian actress, Miriam Akyere Donkor aka Akyere Bruwaa has stated that stories about how movie producers request for sex for roles from actresses are false.

According to her, since she started acting, she has never been approached with such demand.

“I don’t understand when people say some producers demand to sleep with them for roles. I don’t believe that because if you demand to sleep with me and I disagree, you can’t force your way on me.

She made this known in reaction to different stories popping up from actresses claiming to have been sexually harassed by movie produces.

According to her, it is the actresses that offer themselves to the movie producers in exchange for roles.

She added that if such demand leads to sex, then it should be viewed as an agreement between both parties.

“If such things happen, then it was agreed by both parties. Most of these young actresses force themselves on the producers and later play the victim. Such stories are false”, Akyere Bruwaa stated.

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