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How Saheed Osupa & I Parted Ways after 2 kids – His Ex-Wife, Hajia Bisi Bismilai

Hajia Bisi Bisimilai is not new on Lagos social scene. This is not just because she was once married to a popular Fuji star Saheed Osupa but because she is a daughter of a popular Oyo billionaire Alhaji Bisimilai. Her father is one of the Oyo prominent businessmen who play big in Oil and Gas and Construction.

A few days ago, this popular Gold jeweler opened an 18-carat Gold shop and exclusive Senegalese shop on Opebi Street, Ikeja in Lagos. The event paraded many Lagos big society women of note. City People’s Assistant Society Editor, ABIOLA ORISILE, had an exclusive interview with her where she spoke about how her marriage to Saheed Osupa crashed and how she did everything within her power to make it work among many other related issues.

Let us go a little personal, your husband, King Saheed Osupa, a few weeks ago, said that he was not married, adding that he does not have any Bismilai’s as a wife, how do you feel about his utterances?

It’s quite funny to hear him talk that way. If Saheed said he doesn’t have a wife that means he doesn’t have a wife. He may be saying the truth. We have been separated for over 5 years now.

Everybody has his or her own challenges. Our marriage is blessed with 2 wonderful brilliant kids. If he said that he doesn’t have a wife, I don’t feel bad about it. He is a musician after all. Don’t forget that he may say I am the love of his life tomorrow. I am not affected by it knowing that I have not offended him or done anything wrong.

How did he move out, you had a fight?

No, we didn’t have a fight we enjoyed a very good relationship. He told me he was getting an office at Magodo and he went to have it. He then stopped coming, giving different excuses and I tried my best to know why he stopped coming home, but to no avail. Until he had that interview and said he didn’t have a wife, so I don’t have a husband too.

You are humble and sweet, why don’t you look for a way to pacify him?

I have tried all I could as a dutiful woman. As I am speaking with you, I am still living in his house despite that I have completed my house at Papa Ajao. I have put everything in place since last year but I am living in his house. My kids are with me. I have searched my conscience and believe that I have done nothing to offend him. He always has a series of excuses.

You are so English, where did you grow up?

My father sent us to good schools. I went to Ore Ofe Oluwa Nursery/Pry School, Ibadan and later to FGSS Oyo, I was a boarder with my father providing all we needed. I later went to the Polytechnic  Ibadan, where I read Marketing and Communication for my ND & HND. After that, I went to London to live.

What has life taught you?

Life has taught me to lie low when rich. Even Saheed does that. He taught me to be prudent, people who make noise are not rich.

How do you rest?

I am a very homely person when I’ m not attending parties. I love being with my kids because they are my future.

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