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How Nigerian Slay Queens travel to Dubai to eat poop for N5million

It’s no more news that some Nigerian ladies travel to Dubai under the guise of tourism to sleep with wealthy Arab men for wads of dollars.

Relationship adviser and blogger, Joro Olumofin has shared the story of a lady who traveled to Dubai, United Arab Emirates to have weird s*x with some Arabian men.  

The fetish involves eating the poop of men as well as opening the private part to receive urine from the opposite s*x.  

Since the story dropped, more ladies have shown interested in engaging in the alarming sexual act for the financial benefits.

Their stories can be read below:

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Doctors Develop Procedure That Could Delay Menopause For 20 Years

In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) experts in Britain have developed a
surgical procedure that could postpone the onset of menopause for up to
20 years.

The procedure advances by removing a small piece of the patients’
ovarian tissue which is then sliced up and frozen for the purpose of
preservation and later implantation.

On reaching the ideal age for menopause, the frozen tissue is thawed out
and grafted back into the body, thereby restoring the woman’s declining
sex hormones; halting menopause; and also putting off adverse health

The surgery is now being offered to women who are up to the age of 40 by
ProFam, a Birmingham-based company, at a cost ranging between £7,000
and £11,000.

Simon Fishel, the founder of ProFam and president of the UK Care
Fertility Group, said the surgery is capable of...

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