How I almost shouted ‘Up NEPA’ in New York – Kemi Adetiba

Movie director, Kemi Adetiba has shared the effect which epileptic power supply in Nigeria had on her when she traveled to New York.

In a tweet, she revealed that the sound of blaring sirens in New York City made her almost shout “Up NEPA”, a term Nigerians say when the Power Holding Company of Nigeria finally restore electricity after hours of switching it off.

The sound of blaring sirens sounds more like an alarm which generator users have at home that alerts them when power gets restored so they can switch off their generator and switch over to PHCN electricity.

Kemi Adetiba tweeted:

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“Heard sirens and my mind immediately went, “Nonsense people… They’ve finally brought light.”
This just shows the degree of my mental and emotional abuse living in Lagos.
I say this because… 1.) I was watching TV at the time.
2.) I’m currently in NYC.”

One Twitter user shared his own experience:

“I still catch myself in Berlin ironing multiple clothes because somewhere in my subconscious I need to use the electricity to iron as many as possible before the electricity disappears“.

Another who went to London shared his experience:

“Our body have subconsciously become accustomed to these behaviours.While in London I hurry to charge phone & iron my clothes fearing that the lights might go off, forgetting that lights are on 24/7.#nigeria situation have dealt a terrible blow on our psyche. It’s quite pathetic”.


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