Four Yoruba celebrities who welcomed a bundle of joy in August

Below is collage of pictures showing the four Yoruba celebrities who welcomed a baby in the month of August 2019.

The celebrities include Tunde Owokoniran, comic actor Ijebuu, Toyin Abraham and Ronke Odunsanya.

Sharing the first picture of his baby, Tunde Owokoniran wrote:

“And ALLAH has extracted you from the wombs of your mothers not knowing a thing, and HE made for you hearing and vision and intellect that perhaps you would be grateful.” (Q. 16:78)…………Alhamdulillah”

Comic actor Ijebuu shared a cryptic message which seem like the baby he welcomed lost the mother in the process of delivery.

“I will continue to celebrate you My ENITAN, even though your mummy who happens to be my blood is resting in the Lord. I love you Mrs Ayobamibo Ogunmilugba. Continue to rest in the Lord”

His celebrity friends dripped comments to console him.

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Ronke Odunsanya also welcomed a bundle of joy in the US. To break the news of the baby’s arrival, the actress shared a picture which shows her and the baby still on the delivery bed at the hospital with the below caption.

“My joy knows no limit .. Its boundless … Appreciation to God for the process and seeing me through it all … Birthing a new being is a whole new level and experience for me … my love We welcome our child ….. oluwa modupe”

Lastly, Toyin Abraham who secretly got married to Kolawole Ajeyemi and also held a secret baby shower, couldn’t keep the arrival of her baby secret.

Shortly after delivery, the actress narrated how awesome the journey to motherhood was to her.

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“Motherhood is a journey. A reality check where you realise that your life is no longer your own. Even in labour room, to live or not-to is in the hand of God. I am super grateful for the opportunity. I pray all expectant mothers deliver safely and those looking unto God for fruits of the womb will get visited by God. I am super grateful for the outpouring of love and gift. Eshe gan. May good things never depart from.our lives. I will be back. Motherhood is not a lone journey, I am grateful I have people around me to go on the journey with me. NB: With this kind of tummy, will I have flat tummy again like this?”


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