Falz reacts as slapping senator receives Icon Award

Rapper Falz has reacted to the news of Senator Elisha Abbo getting awarded despite being in the news for slapping a lady at a sex toy shop.

Elisha Abbo was recently presented with an “Icon Award” in his office by members of inter-community awareness for change and development initiative.

Receiving the award, Elisha Abbo said:

“It is not just about being in power for the sake of being in power. There is so much responsibility on young leaders, on leaders all over the world. I believe that young people all over the world will be learning from me that there is now a huge gap between wanting to be in power and being in power to deal with the challenges of politics and swimming in the murky waters of Nigerian politics. And I believe that young people will draw (sic) strength from me.”

Reacting to the news, Falz called it the biggest disgrace of the year. He wrote:

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“What kind of a joke is this man ?! ? This is the Senator that was caught on tape assaulting a woman in an adult store.
“Icon of democracy” award? ????Shamelessness at the highest level. It’s actually disgusting. He should be holding a plaque that says “Biggest disgrace of the year”
To the Nigerian Police, I thought this man had been charged to court, what is the status of the case?
To the National Assembly, What disciplinary action was taken against him?
We need answers!!! This man cannot remain in the senate!!

Falz - Elisha Abbo
Falz – Elisha Abbo

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