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Anita Joseph attacks friend who gossips about the way she flaunts her body on social media

Actress Anita Joseph has taken a dig at a friend who criticizes and gossips behind her back over how she flaunts her body on social media.

A post shared on social media sees the actress saying she will not apologize for having a great body no matter the amount of gossip that goes on behind her back.

Anita Joseph wrote:

“Some one that I know somewhere Sat and discussed me with some peopl How I make Videos and show my body. Your lucky I don’t even do it naked
That same body you want so so bad, Am not gona apologise for having a great body at all…

“Am actually a better persn than you. You gossip me behind and come to me and blow me cool breeze !! Ndi aruruala !!
Shame on you .. my God found you out .. And again am a better persn than you are. You just prefer to do urs hiding oshi. And you know this so get the fuck outta here”.

Recall how she rained curses on those who advised her to reduce her curves. Read HERE

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Man storms his ex-wife’s house to retrieve the car he bought her

There was drama, yesterday, in Ifako Ijaiye, Lagos, as a man stormed his ex-wife’s house to retrieve the car he bought her.

The man, identified as Adewale, bought the mother of two of his kids, Victoria, the car, 2 years ago, when the going was good.

The wife initially refused to give him the car key, saying he gave her the car as a birthday gift and that’s what she uses to feed their kids.
However, she was pummeled by Adewale in the presence of their kids, leaving her with no other choice than to let go, with the man telling her to go and...

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