Alexx Ekubo shares amazing pictures from visit to Museum of illusion in Los Angeles


Nollywood actor, Alexx Ekubo has shared pictures from his trip to Los Angeles where he visited the Museum of illusion.

From the pictures shared by the actor, one can easily be fooled without knowing that most of what is seen around the actor are just paintings made to look real with illusion.

Alex Ekubo shared:

“Real or Fake?

“So i visited the, & i must say, its hyperrealistic illusions would leave you wondering how? Its beyond mind boggling, its definitely a must visit in Hollywood”.

Alex iwobi Museum of illusion

“Good news guys, I have all the BTS videos on my YouTUBE channel, AlexxEkuboTV so you get to see how it’s possible to live in an upside down World”



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