Yoruba mom blasts her daughter for correcting her English (video)

A Nigerian woman rectified her Yoruba mother’s English and she got an amazing lecture of life.

A Yoruba mother shoots her little girl for for correcting what she said in English and the video has turned into a web sensation and is a trending one on social media.

According to a social media user, Damilola, everything she did was to address her mom’s “English” and her mom who appear to be a retired teacher impacted her, disclosing to her how individuals with doctorate degrees and good educational qualifications see her and about and call her “Auntie Auntie!”

She stated, “Thank God i went to school o.”

Here is the video:

Here are a few responses from Nigerians to the video underneath.

@pulseafricamag – If this was really your mumz voice you recorded and put out here, it’s really in a bad taste. I dont know what you want to achieve through this. It ain’t funny at all

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@MenageW – God catch you!😂”Awon doctorate ni awon Mummy relate with. Gerrout of hereee😂

@Tekemz – Next time keep your correction to yourself dear😒. It’s not on her head you’d be practicing the school fees she paid for you. Thanks😒

@Randy1ng – Omo jati jati….. sè oni awon ore to ni doctorate 😂 😂 😂, MA dupe to je ifoti. My Yoruba na stress 😁 😁 😁

@Ol_Timi – Dami, o ti gun igi koja ewe lote yii…. O lon correct mummy…. Haaaaaaaa
Mummy ati awon doctorate ni wn jon relate. Jo kini Akademik qualifikation e gan??

@HAMMEDYARO – Shoutout 2 All Yoruba mother.. Clearing is their hobby. How would you correct mum that has taught people with Doctorate 😁😁

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@__Demilade – Lol. What effrontery?! Mummy ati awon doctorate ni ore and you now opened your mouth to correct her 😂🤣😂

@_Lumiee – Nigerian mom’s dislike correction and when they correct you and you are not listening gbam it has turn to fight, all of a sudden you have become a bad child. 😂

@JohnPelumi6 – It’s a way of saying thank you sha, won’t make dat mistake again. Dat yoruba guardian for u ooo. She wont make dat mistake again unless
she wants to pull ur legs

@cescdagbofather – I once corrected my dad and he told me never to ask him for anything again in my life! That I should Goan meet my English tutors! Sigh 😔

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