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Tboss reportedly puts to bed (See baby’s face)

Below is a picture showing the face of a baby reportedly delivered by BBNaija reality TV star, Tboss.

The reality TV star who had been denying being pregnant was recently spotted at a diagnostic centre looking heavily pregnant.

Rumors have it that music executive Ubi Franklin may be responsible for the pregnancy. Tboss however denied she had anything to do with him other than just normal friendship.

Let me just swear to you guys today, me and Ubi we have had nothing intimate when I say…we haven’t as much as kiss…never…no.
“I don’t think Ubi has ever fancied me like that,”
she said.

She also recently put to bed rumors that her baby daddy is a senator.

She wrote:

“One thing g I love about social media in Nigeria is that I got to learn about new stuff about myself every time I go on there. Apparently the latest being the discovery of my baby daddy and it would seem that he’s a senator”.

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OAP Yolanda slams people who take loans to fund summer holiday trips

OAP Yolanda has shared an advised for people who take loans just to fund summer holiday trips.

In a post she shared on social media, OAP Yolanda stated that such action is wrong g because it is not wise to become poor just to appear rich to people.

She advised that the summer heat they are going for can be experienced in Lagos which is almost 24/7 hot.

She wrote:

"Apparently a lot of you are taking Loans to take your family for Summer Holidays…
… You are owing house rent… School fees…et al… and you are not getting a loan for business but for Summer… ….You all know that I love you sooooooooooooooo much and I am not...

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