South Africans proudly flaunt their flag after AKA slammed Cassper Nyovest for wishing he was Nigerian

Rapper AKA has made South Africans proud to the point of flaunting their flag on social media after he fired more shots at Cassper Nyovest for wishing he was Nigerian.

Recall that we reported how Cassper Nyovest tweeted his admiration for the Nigerian music industry and how he wishes he was Nigerian.

The post didn’t sit well AKA who felt Cassper Nyovest was putting down his own country.

Not done firing shots at his one time enemy, AKA unleashed more venom on Twitter:

“You cannot disown your own people and in the next breath want to LEAD them. Somebody had to say something. Unfortunately or fortunately(depends on how you look at it) … somehow it must always be me. Goodnight. My work is done here on this stupid app nxaaa”.


His post started a movement on Twitter which saw many South Africans tweeting their flag to show that they will never put down their country for another.

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A Twitter user reacted by stating that AKA is only mad that he lost a BET Award to Nigerian singer Burna Boy.

He replied:

“I WORE a Nigerian flag on my BODY in my own video. Nigerians are our brothers and sisters … I love them. Just doesn’t mean I have to enjoy LOSING to them. Do you ENJOY losing to your brother or sister? Exactly”.

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