Only God could have done this! Who wanted Yinka Ayefele dead…

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I want to thank  God for Ayefele,the music maestro for the testimony he shared on his live  ‘ EMI mi ire kan ‘ ( I’m the next to testify ) programme on the  107.49 FM aired on Sunday 14th July 2019.I listened to the two -testimonies- in one  programme.

The testimonies challenged and  made me to reverence the Lord God Almighty more.According to Ayefele  himself, the first one happened three months before,. That would be around April..He was somewhere doing what he knows best to do – entertaining  the audience at the occasion. One elderly man came near him and used an handkerchief to wipe his face as he was really sweating. He seemed to have some  concern for him , Ayefele.

Alas, the elderly man danced his way out of the place and went to a nearby huge tree. No one would have known what had happened if not that God placed one of the bouncers  ( the security attache )along the man’s way. The bouncer,out of curiosity was following the elderly man  with his eyes  glued on him.He then became transfixed for some minutes when he saw what the man began to do.

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The man got to the tree, opened the handkerchief he used on Ayefele and started to make some incantation on it.With a speed of a light..the bouncer got to him and challenged him. The man could no longer do anything but to start begging  him profusely to make the matter die there.According to Ayefele, the case was brought to the place where he was. He was unaware of what had transpired earlier among the man, the bouncer and some few people . He just saw the old man prostrate to him pleading for mercy.

What did U do? Ayefele told the listeners that that was what he could ask the OldmanHis response was that he was sent by someone to collect his glory.But God disallowed him Men are wicked. Thank God He secured the life of Ayefele. I feared this.However, the other one was opposite the first one in scope and style.In the first story, we heard t that the wicked one  pleaded fo mercy, not the wicked man in the second story.

This was said to have happened a week earlier.This story shocked me to the marrow but I still have the heart to acknowledge the power of God to save those He wants to saveA man was caught as he was about to spray  charmed momey on Ayefele at another occasion.Whereas Ayefele feared for musicians as many did not know the type of money sprayed on them at parties as they entertained  guests.

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I shook my head in complete amazement because it could have happened to anyoneAnyone who is the celebrant or anyone that takes to the floor to dance expecting people to spend money on him or her.Hear what Ayefele said the man uttered when he was caught. He could spend any kind of money. It did not matter what he spent or the amount.

The person dazzled with money at parties has only one thing to do — to collect.Why did he try It on Ayefele ?What was his offence?He was sent to collect his glory was his response too.Lord Jesus  ,save us from those who come to us as friends but are foxen in sheep’s clothingAyefele and as many of us who rely on God will continue to enjoy His  protection at all times.

Aye fe le meaning this world is delicate so tired it softlyThank God. How many times HE has delivered us from the hands of our enemiesTo Him be all praises

Tireni Adebayo

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