Only God could have done this! He heard the Goat…

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Kemi and her fans, please learn from this.I believe God can use anything to speak to people of every race and colour.

I experienced a great scene that I must share to show the World that God still speaks and saves those who come to Him humbling themselves before Him.It is a real life testimony.

Our church compound is big . So there were some animals there being reared.Few goats were among the flock .One day, three of them strayed  out of the compound to a cassava plant by the side of the church compound.

Only God could have done this! I lived carelessly from teenage years...

They inadvertently drank some poisonous drink there. Two of them died within hours. The third goat, as if driven by a force  ran inside the church and on to the altar steps ,hitting her body and head on the steps.It was doing as a man desperate for help having realised his error.

We , seeing the dead ones and how this one was doing, were  confounded. And truly, God that hears man heard the goat.For two years after the deed was done,the goat lived until the family killed it in May this year.

It was while we were butchering I it that the whole episode came to me.If a goat could come to its senses to run to its Maker for help ,despite the fact it is made a little lower than man, what is man that he will be bragging in trouble instead of running to his Maker.

Only God could have done this! I smoked everything ' smokable' for almost 40years...

I salute You LordYou are mindful of meYOU are mindful of those that come to YouBlesses be Your wholy name

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