Neymar sparks controversy, says favorite football moment was against PSG

A comment by Neymar about his favorite football moment has sparked controversy among fans and players of Paris St Germain, PSG.

Neymar who is looking for a way to return to Barcelona, opened up in an interview that the game he played with Barcelona in which they defeated PSG 6-1 in the UEFA Champions League was his favorite football moment.

“What we felt when we scored the sixth goal I never felt something like this, it was incredible,” he said.

“Best memory in the locker room? Ah, I don’t know.

“Well, when we won against PSG with Barcelona it was completely… we all went crazy afterwards.

“I believe it was the best possible feeling for all of us.”

According ro French football expert, Julien Laurens, the comment by Neymar didn’t sit well with fans and teammates of PSG.

“Quite badly, to be fair,” he replied when asked how the comments had been received by fans and players alike.

“The reaction was as you would expect, very negative and a lot of anger from a lot of PSG fans.

“On social media and on radio phone-ins, they’ve voiced their anger and said ‘if that’s really what he says and how he feels then there’s no way back. That’s an insult, for our best player, our most expensive player, our number ten, for him to say something like that in this stage and this context, that’s taking it too far.’

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“If he stays – and he might stay next season – he’ll have a lot to be forgiven for by the fans, because that doesn’t reflect well on him.”


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