Mr. 2kay cries out over sexual abuse suffered by the male child

Singer Mr. 2kay has drawn the attention of the public to the sexual abuse a male child suffers which he calls sweet pain.

There have been several outcry at sexual abuse suffered by underaged girls in Nigeria of recent. However, many have overlooked the fact that male children also suffered such and alarm is hardly ever raised over the issue.

According to Mr. 2kay, the abuse comes mostly from close relatives and maids.

He wrote:


This is an aspect people don’t look into
The aspect of the male counterpart
The abuse, pain, strive, scar
These ordeals where brought to us by people we know (VERY CLOSE) and see everyday
Maids, aunties, mother’s friends, school mothers, neighbors etc
Coming in the guise of ‘MY SMALL HUSBAND’
As a male child, it might look as fun to us, this is because there is no painful penetration, no blood stain for an evidence
But it is a SWEET – PAIN, a scar that remains with us
We have suffered RAPE, but who will actually believe and stand for us?
Many male children grow up with this SWEET-PAIN into men which is a scar for life
Alas, the danger is really too great a burden to bear
Many of us are victims of RAPE
Parents/Guidance take a look, take a closer look
We too are vulnerable to abuse. STOP THE ABUSE”

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