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Men, n*ked ladies I use for stunts enjoy it – Pretty Mike

Popular and quite controversial Lagos socialite and club owner, Mike Nwalie, a.k.a Pretty Mike of Lagos is also interestingly a philanthropist who’s always ready to part ways with a fortune so long as it benefits the needy.

In a recent chat he speaks on his current philanthropic project meant to empower young ladies to be independent, he revealed that the girls he puts on a dog leash and other naked girls he goes to public functions with are always happy to do so. 

“One of the biggest problems we have in our society right now is our students. Laziness and idleness starts with the students, that’s why you see them on the streets. That’s where the word ‘runs’ come from because they are looking for opportunities to make money but good opportunities are not there for them.

It’s also the reason ladies go nude on social media to get attention. Trust me; no lady wants to depend on a guy for anything. I won’t encourage college students to go get an office job because even graduates find it hard to get one. My organization is trying to help them establish businesses.

As a philanthropist I’m ready to empower them with money to start up. The empowerment program is called ‘PM Women Development Empowerment’. It’s a movement. I know people think I take advantage of girls but trust me, those girls are happy and see it as a privilege to go out with me for stunts because at the end of the day, their palm will be heavily greased. What the social media and society paints and reality are two different things”, he said.

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He added that contrary to the amount of backlash he suffers on social media for putting girls on dog leash among other weird stunts he pulls in public, his parents and family members are his biggest supporters.

“My parents and family are my biggest supporters. My father will say ‘the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree’. Sometimes when he sees me pull some stunts, he’ll tell me that he had wanted to pull that same stunt thirty years ago. When I took dwarfs who had calabashes with smoke coming out of them with me to a friend’s wedding, people said I was a ritualist, but my dad called me and said why did I take only three or four dwarfs? That next time, I should take masquerades. I thought that’s not a bad idea. When people get to know that there is no ulterior motive behind my stunts, we’ll be good”, he said.


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