Journey to Forever, Aisha and Yahya‘s beautiful love story (photos)

A friend told Aisha about Yahya’s crush on her, however Aisha who wasn’t interested in dating a guy from her school laughed it off, laughed it off, months later, social media (Snapchat) brought them together after Aisha shot her shot.
Four years later, the journey to their forever begins. #Yahya19.

Read their beautiful love story as shared by the bride to be, Aisha.

How We Met
By the bride, Aisha

About 4 years ago, I met the absolute love of my life, and 2 months ago, he officially married me and I couldn’t have been more happy to be his wife, Alhamdulillah! Four years ago, my friend @princess.fantus sent me a message telling me how he had a crush on me and wasn’t able to talk to me because I  was in a relationship then but what he didn’t know was that 2 months prior I had broken up with my then boyfriend.

Of course, I laughed it off because I was seeing him in school (Baze University) then and I didn’t have a thing for fair guys honestly or was interested in dating anyone in the same school with me. So a few days after she told me I saw him in school and laughed again because I knew he was crushing on me but couldn’t approach me.

On Sunday 30th October I added him on Snapchat and its safe to say we are happily married now! More like I shot my shot and I scored 😂. I often called him my obsession because he was so obsessed with me. I honestly cannot tell you how we started dating, but I know we went with the flow. He is my everything!

We spoke every single day and hung out as well. We graduated on the same day from Baze University and served together in Abuja. It wasn’t all rosy, we had our ups and downs but we stuck to each other and never lost hope in each other for once. He supports my business just like it is his own and I’ve never been more proud of him like I currently am.

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