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Housemaid exposed after bringing “do as I say” charms into her madam’s house

A Facebook user has shared pictures of charms she found in her house which were brought in by her housemaid from hell.

One of the charms has an inscription on the bottle which says “do as I say”. Such can probably be used to hypnotized a victim into submission.

According to the madam of the house, the housemaid is a husband thief and was probably trying to use the charms to snatch her husband.


The madam shared on Facebook:

“This is the face of my Maid that brought charms to my house today I notice her face was not showing in my live video so here she is daughter’s of Jezebel husband thief she is from Anambra state her name is ogochukwu please everyone beware of her she is a beast”.

When the housemaid was interrogated, she stated that she didn’t know it was an offence to bring such into their house.

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