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Doctor reveals the dangers of using saliva as s3x lubricant

A Nigerian doctor has taken to Twitter to warn against the use of saliva as sex lubricant.

In a series of tweets he shared, the doctor identified as Victoria Bryan Nwala revealed that the bacterias found in saliva are quite different from the ones in a vagina. When introduced to the vagina, he listed the dangerous infections this can lead to.

He tweeted:

“The bacteria in saliva are very different than the bacteria in your vagina,” Saliva also contains digestive enzymes that break down food. When you introduce these bacteria and enzymes into your vagina.

“The result can upset your vaginal microbiome and leave you susceptible to developing a yeast infection or bacterial vaginosis.

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“Any STI in the throat or mouth can be transmitted to the genitals through saliva,” In other words, if your partner has an active herpes lesion for example, using their spit to make things slick could leave you with genital herpes.

“This scenario happens more than you might think—and it’s the most common way genital herpes is contracted. Even if you don’t see a cold sore on or around their mouth, the virus can still be transmissible.

“Herpes can present with blisters or sores, but it can also present asymptomatically,”

“Herpes isn’t the only oral STI you could contract. “Gonorrhea, chlamydia, HPV, syphilis, and trichomoniasis can also all be transmitted to the genitals through saliva,” And like herpes, these infections may not have any symptoms.

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“Using saliva as lube provides a perfect storm to alter the vaginal or anal ecosystem enough to trigger one of these infections”.

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