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Couple spark outrage as they share picture of Lion they killed

A picture showing a couple kissing g each other over a lion they killed has sparked an outrage from animal rights activists and conservationists.

The picture was shared on social media by Legelela Safari, a company that offers UK tourists the opportunity to hunt down game in Africa. The picture was captioned:

“Hard work in the hot Kalahari sun… well done. A monster lion.”


The picture has now been defended by British hunter Carl Knight who said:

“This lion was bred for hunting and for lion bore export to the Far East”, he told

“This is not Mufasa or Cecil, this is an animal that was farmed like a cow, a sheep or a crocodile hat is farmed for meat and skin.”

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He continued: “The money these clients paid for this lion is much needed in poverty-stricken Southern Africa.” 

In reaction, Conservationist Bill Oddie said:

“Letting people kill them because they think it’s entertaining is just insane, especially when you’re talking about wildlife with such a vulnerable status. Trophy hunting has always been senseless cruelty.” 

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