Comedian Alibaba slams women who protested in support of s3x toy shop senator

Comedian Alibaba has slammed women who stormed out to protest in support of senator Elisha Abbo who assaulted a woman at a sex toy shop.

Elisha Abbo is currently facing a panel at the senate which is looking into the case. This is despite the senator pleading not guilty in court.

While the probe is ongoing, some group of women carried placards to show support for him to the anger of comedian Alibaba who shared:

Some women are the reasons women are treated anyhow. They will defend rape, molestation, marginalization, even be the people behind human trafficking and sex slave rackets.

They will hate on their fellow women… who are doing well. Cook up reason for such women’s success, just to make nonsense if their success.  They will rather give a job they know a woman can do better than any man, just so the woman doesn’t become outstanding.

They will cover up a Rape, because of the damage it will do to the family. Fear some women ooo“.

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Comedian Alibaba - Elisha Abbo
Comedian Alibaba – Elisha Abbo

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