Angry TASUED students attack and destroy SARS car on campus (video)

Students of Tai Solarin University of Education (TASUED) in Ijagun, Ogun State have destroyed the vehicles of SARS authorities who pursued a student into the school grounds.

The Special Anti-Robbery Squard Operatives, SARS were confronted by the students of Tai Solarin University of Education (TASUED), Ijagun, Ogun State for attempting to capture some students of the University this evening.

The irate students mobbed the authorities and demolished their vehicle consequently.

Watch the video below:

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But, we have president in this country . What kind of country is this ? Too much of incompetent people in power . Nigeria is going to war under Buhari .

Everything is just wrong in this country

Nigerians are angry.

The war in the country is starting small small… Since Mr President doesn’t know why his President the people would start to fight the law…

Thought they said this people Police should stop using private cars? I’m damn sure they are there to extort another young man… How i wish they kill one of them so that they can learn their lessons the hard way

I think this is better, Maybe it will stop them from harassing and arresting innocents souls up and down. Tasued My Alma Mata I hail thee

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Gbolahan Adeyemi

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  1. @NPF_NIGERIA 4 armed men who claimed to be men of the FSARS stopped my bus at Omu Aran on our way to Enugu. They asked the boiz to comedown. We were searched and in my box was a hair cream called indian hemp. This men arrested for and accused me of supplying Indian hemp. They seized my phone from me asked me to remove my belt and shoe. The driver and passengers tried to talk to them but they never listened. They asked me to unlock my phone and they went through my phone. They read my personal conversation, my photo, my application. Among the applications in my phone is Hangout which came with my phone and i have never for once opened this application to make use of it. These men said i am a yahoo boy(internet fraudster) they asked our vehicle to leave and that was how they left me with this men called SARS. I was with them for some hours they arrested some boys. Now we are 5 suspects. They drove into a village i don’t know. A village where no network. A village where no electricity. A village with no tile road. On our way to the village (1km away from express where we were arressted) they started threatening us with EFCC&NDLEA. Those guys got threatened so they made transfer to them (so called FSARS) and they freed them. Now remaining I and one other guy. They took us to one building where goats sleep. They brought out a book and asked us to write statement. The other guy wrote but i refused to write. One of these men wrote and forced me to sign and i signed. Already my phone is with them they asked me unlucky my phone and write down the pin and i did after that, they locked us up in a room. And continued going through our phones. They pick my calls and they the callers that they have arrested me with bag of indian hemp on my way to supply and i’ve written a statement and they are about handing my over to EfCC&NDLEA. If they don’t send 200 thousand naira, i will be taken to court and be imprisoned before friday. This is what they told my callers. When my mum eventually reached me, they saw the name nd quickly opened the cell and brought me out to speak with her. They said i should tell her i have been arrested by FSARS and will be handed over to EFCC if she doesnt send at least 100k. Me knowing my mother’s health condition, i could not tell her such. I just told her i am finee but wont be able to come to enugu that day. As i was spaking with they (FSARS) were shouting that it will be better for me to tell her so she can start making arrangement to send some money but i ended the call so she doesn’t hear. When i was done talking to her , they collected my phone from me, locked me up again and tried to call her back but the call did not connect due to poor network i suppose. At this time it was 2pm already they said once it is 3pm, they will take us to EFCC for prosecution. When it was 3pm, they brought us out of the cell and drove us round the village aimlessly for almost 2hrs. We finally got to one express where they parked and started a checkpoint. It was cloudy already and about raining then one of them came to meet me and said he has spoken with his colleagues and they have decided to mercy on us (me particularly with two offences) he said i should brings whatever money i have on me that he’ll talk to his colleague to help me. And i gave him the last 2500 i had on me. He returned 500 and gave me back my phone, shoe and box. I stood with them trying to get a vehicle going back to Ilorin because i could no longer proceed with my journey as it was late(5:50pm) to continue. They stopped a vehicle and asked me to join it for free. I thought these people are to protect my right as a Nigerian

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