Yinka Ayefele speaks on welcoming triplets

Gospel singer Yinka Ayefele has cleared the air on the viral reports that he has welcomed a set of triplets with his wife in the USA.

Dispelling the reports on Instagram, he wrote thus:

“Fake News, Fake Pictures.
That picture was taken 7yrs ago during my younger brothers naming at music house in Ibadan.
Thank you all for Wishing me well and I claim it in Jesus name. “

Earlier today, News broke out that he had welcomed a set of twins with his wife of nineteen years in the USA.

In a recent interview, Yinka Ayefele who goes around in a wheelchair revealed that he’s still optimistic that he would walk again. See excerpts from the interview below.

As a Christian involved in a ghastly accident that claimed your legs, did you ever feel like God failed you despite your trust in Him?

I never blamed God for the accident. What if I had died? What if I was paralysed from head to toe? The Bible tells us to be grateful in all circumstances. I will forever be grateful to Him. What if I had found myself in a situation where I couldn’t use my talent? Do you know how many people have died this year alone? Do you know how many healthy people that just slept and never woke up? I give thanks to God in all ramifications.

What do you remember about the accident?

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The only lingering memory I have is that the accident was like a compass that gave my life direction.

Did you go through a phase of denial when you realised you wouldn’t be able to walk again?

At a point, yes! But I’m an incurable optimist. I’m of the firm belief that nothing is impossible. I know I will still walk again. I believe that with God, all things are possible


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