US Embassy speaks on banning Nigerians from student visas

The US embassy has reacted to a report which states that it has placed a ban restricting Nigerians from student visas.

Over the weekend, a report which went viral states that the US embassy was placing a ban on Nigerians seeking student visas.

Reacting to the report, the US embassy labeled it as fake news which should be discarded.

The embassy tweeted:

“Alert! Be advised, reports of Student Visa ban for Nigerians is false.

“If you have seen such manufactured item on Facebook and Twitter or received it via WhatsApp, please communicate that it is false.”

Meanwhile, some Nigerians have reacted to the information by the embassy.

As shared on Twitter:

“Maybe “Ban” wud have been better, when a vast majority are been refused & no cogent reason given, then don’t blame them if they interpret it as “Ban”. @UKinNigeria still remains the best, they always take their time to explain to applicants the reasons for their actions*.


Nigerian man and his foreign wife arrested in Cambodia for fraud at the request of US Embassy

“The experience of Visa denial is deep and painful. Visiting America should not be a big deal, lets work and make Nigeria better. Maybe it is their way of telling us to fix our mess”.


“Many people that apply for American Visa were denied without any justification. I was told that I wont come back when I only wanted to stay two weeks .It is immoral to be collecting Visa Fee from Nigerians and act as if it is a revenue source for USA.Things like this may support”


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