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This is the Massive cloud that looks like Facebook’s thumbs-up logo (Photo)

Tourists at a Chinese city were dumbfounded after reportedly spotting a cloud that looked like a giant Facebook thumbs-up.  

‘It was as if the cloud was telling me to click “like”. I was so excited,’ said a student who photographed the rare moment yesterday evening in the city of Shaoguan.

The student said she was preparing for the upcoming university entrance examination when she saw the cloud at about 6:40pm and hoped that the cloud could bring her good luck.

‘I had been feeling very low, and after I saw the cloud I became much happier,’ the student told Chinese video news platform Pear. I wish all Grade 12th students could go to their desired universities,’ she wrote in a post yesterday.  

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The cloud resembled the thumbs-up icon used by various social media sites, such as Facebook and China’s Twitter-like Weibo, to encourage readers to express appreciation for topics, comments, pictures and videos.


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