South African lady calls for mass deportation of Nigerians

A South African lady has tweeted that all Nigerians should in her country should face a mass deportation.

The lady tweeted amidst several xenophobic attacks suffered by Nigerians in South Africa. See tweet and reactions below.

Meanwhile, Nigerian comedian, Alibaba and Nollywood actor, Joseph Benjamin have lent their voices against the ravaging xenophobic attack in South Africa.

The violence spree which was initiated by South Africa local group, Zulu and headed by Goodwill Zwelithini has left a number of blacks living in South Africa dead, severely injured and displaced.

While Joseph Benjamin in a post, described it as disheartening, Alibaba in a tweet believes that an eye for an eye treatment should be meted on South Africans living in Nigeria.

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“It is quite sad, what I see happening in
South Africa. It is disheartening to say the least. Please I implore all
Africans all over the world to raise their voices and unite against this evil.
It can only destroy us
as a people, if these South Africans do not know the ripple effect their
actions might have to their brothers and sisters spread across the globe. I hear
this was all incited by one man, apparently the Zulu King Incited the violence
in Durban. I do not know what would have spurred up such hate, we need to stand
up against this. We as Africans are unique and though diverse in culture and
traditions we are one formidable force. United we conquer and stand, divided we
fall and destroy legacies built over time which has made us the pride of the
globe. My name is Joseph Benjamin, I am a Nigerian by birth and Nationality. I
am a true African and I say No to Xenophobia. If you support this movement.
Like and repost this until it goes viral. Let us preserve our posterity.”

South Africa xenophobic attacks

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