Sherifah Zarma accuses ex-husband of trying to release her unclad pictures (Part 3 & 4)

Below is the Part 3 & 4 of the narration by Nigerian poet Sherifah Zarma who accused her ex-husband of trying to release her nude pictures.

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this frustrated Ibrahim.
I took him to court for a divorce which he and his waliy refused to show up,at three hearings,at the end,i returned his bride price and the court granted me an annulment on the 27th of december 2018.
I still haven’t heard from ibrahim or kenny
nor anyone related to him from december last year,till this week,sunday,23rd of June 2019.where kenny sent me a message of blackmail to my phone,telling me to check my whatsapp where i saw some of my sensual videos,at the glance of the videos,i knew their source and only source,Ibrahim definitely sent it to her,so i sent her a message denoting these two videos of mine in yellow dress and black jumpsuit are without a doubt,from ibrahim,which i sent to,when he was my husband,and as you know it,most of us young people of nowadays do that with our spouses,never did i saw divorce coming,never did i even remembered divorce exists,i felt it was a sign of love between couples and since he is your husband,why should you not trust him.
In addition; kenny stated that ibrahim sold her the mercedez benz before i took them,which was last year november from abuja to kaduna,and she urgently needs those cars,and if i decide to be stubborn,she will send my videos to blogs and post them online to defame me and make it seem this is what i send to rich married men,they tried to use a woman whose name I won’t mention to also blackmail me that i sent those nudes to her husband,and she should sent to blogs denoting a warning,i chose not to include her name because myself and her,inclusive with relative have begged her to take her hands of it,so therefore its between Ibrahim and kenny,who I’m to deal with…
its left for me to choose between my reputation and my money,which i was demanding to be paid before the exchange of cars.

The reason why i am coming up here is to tell the general public my whole story,before someone else tells it in a way i cannot defend nor like,and it was never my intention to bring my personal life to the social media,i try as much to prevent it,because i know how nasty the social media can be.
After the divorce,being betrayed being duped…..,i still chose to not expose anyone,but since Ibrahim and kenny are ingrates and soulless, i will come out publicily to defend myself,and as a matter of my videos,i will sue Ibrahim for blackmail,defamation of character and bridge of trust,for trying to blackmail me with contents he had when we were married to try to blackmail and defame me.

He knew my reputation matters alot to me,so i chose to come out unapologetically to defend myself,and incase any of you sees a video of me in yellow dress or black jumpsuit or any sensual piece of mine in lingerie ,know that it’s my ex husband trying to blackmail me and defame me.
And i urge any human,black or white,muslim or Christian who verifies my truth to support me repost this in order to support me in my innocence and the law practitioners to help me in suing this evil people, (kehinde and Ibrahim) to help me get justice….
You can check him up on facebook with the handle “Ibrahim Abubakar Lajada”
Or google him and type “who is ibrahim abubakar lajada” 
You’ll see lies of being a billionaire,or contesting for the presidency,he is a koboless fraud…. Lastly! My name is Sheefah Zarma and this is my story and truth.

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