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Plastic Surgery: ‘My backside, curvy shape is from God’ – Omobutty reveals

Wondering how Nollywood Actress, Biodun Okeowo popularly referred to as Omobutty hot such a curvy shape?

The movie star has finally opened up on how she got her sexy body shape, which she attributed to God and not to any plastic surgeon.

While speaking in an interview, the actress was asked how she has been able to maintain the sexy body shape despite being a mother of two and the only reply she gave was “It is God”
While stating earlier that the shape she possesses is no man’s business, the actress wrote on  Instagram: “I’m shaking my head for people using Ibruprofen for someone else’s pain. My shape, stature, body is mine and my Boo’s headache, not anybody’s, biko all the stature advisers, Enough! Na who skinny help? Am I going for a beauty pageant, or did my doctor’s report state unhealthy?
 “Any uncomplimentary comments about my body henceforth should be kept as personal opinion not to be stated here on my page, thanks blockmode activated, no room for cyber bullying.’

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Fathers Day: Nigerian celebrities reveal their father’s favourite household items

Fathers Day is here again. It’s that time of year to specially celebrate dads and father figures alike in our lives. It is another moment to unwind and relax with family members, recounting fond memories.

It is unarguable that fathers are always addicted to one household item which they hold sacred and also possess one interesting character that stand them out.

Nigerian celebrities share with Vanguard Allure some of these moments and items that are their fathers hold sacred in their homes.

He liked newspapers a lot - Nazo Ekezie, actress

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