Only God could have done this! Lightening, Thunder and windy storm…

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The Lord is on d throne and he still saves lives.

I am a living witness. I was driving home when rain started. It was so heavy that within minutes everywhere was flooded. All the accompanying things with rain were fully at work – lightening, thunder and windy storm. I had no option but to continue with the trip.

I was manoeuvring my way slowly and praying that the Lord would take me home safely.Suddenly, I noticed a vehicle on speed behind me. As I was wondering why the driver of the car could be speeding as such in the heavy rain, he sped over and overtook my car.

Only God could have done this! I smoked and drank for decades...

Not quite two minutes of his overtaking me a PHCN pole fell down on our path. Alas the other vehicle received the impact heavily.

The pole fell  on the  vehicle and killed the driver instantly. Fear gripped me.

What a life!

What a space of time I felt for the other man. It could have been me.

The Lord spared my life. I give Him all the glory.

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