Only God could have done this! I couldn’t urinate, my body was swollen…

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The Lord is still the Lord in His church. Anyone could say the contrary.

He is still working over His church – building her up to express His mightiness. Jesus sent deliverance to me. I met with Him in His house. I found myself not being able to urinate throughout one day.

That was how the long  journey started..My body became swollen. I could not sleep.Medications could not help.

Only God could have done this! I smoked and drank for decades...

I had 18 injections given to me to relieve me of pains yet nothing happened. 

I could not behave like a human being.It was a terrible conditionMy elder brother had suffered same fate and had died seven years before.Because I could not go out, I began to watch the church services on the TVI realised I needed Divine intervention. 

The devil seemed to want my life exchanged.I told my daughter to bring .me to the church for me to be physically present before God.To God be all the glory I was  ministered to by the Lord God Almighty Himself.The burden I went to church with was lifted off my shoulders.I regained my health,full health. I am alive.

Only God could have done this! Who wanted Yinka Ayefele dead...


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