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Man who asked Wole Soyinka to get up from his seat in a plane shares his side of the story

Tosin Odunfa, the young man who was accused of disrespectfully asking Professor Wole Soyinka to get up from his seat in a plane, has explained his own side of the story.

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Sharing his own side of the story, Tosin Odunfa stated that though many feel what he did was disrespectful to Wole Soyinka, the professor however appreciated how he stood up for his right.

The professor also went on to wish Nigerian youths had same boldness towards their leaders.

He wrote as seen in screenshot below.

He added:

“The story creates a plausible scenario of defence for young people who are often judged too quickly. 
An even deeper take away is the point that youth have to rise up and realize that there is a clear and present threat to the quality of their future. 
This threat is embodied by a dysfunctional society that favours ageing-patriarchy (old men) who are not aware of the damage they are doing to our potential. 
Women are at risk too”.

Tosin Odunfa
Tosin Odunfa
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