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Man gives reasons why ladies shouldn’t run away from marrying a man with 50k salary

A Nigerian man identified on Twitter as Sola Adio has given reasons why ladies should not run away from marrying a man who earns less than 50k as salary.

In a series of tweets he shared, Sola Adio used his own situation and that of others as examples of how one can grow from the pointing of earning less to earning big.

According to him, ladies shouldn’t run away from a man earning 50k salary because it is not a death sentence.

His post reads: “When I proposed to my wife, I couldn’t afford a ring. I didn’t even have a job. All I had was a dream and a mouth to sell that dream. We then went to the open field on Friday to pray in tongues all night and I got a job at KPMG following Tuesday. We have never gone lower since.

“I actually have people in my DMs over the last few months who started marital life with less than 50K and are now commanding millions. They don’t want to be identified. 50K is not the end of the world like you people are saying. Won’t he increase or you think he will die at 50K?

Sola Adio 50k salary
Sola Adio

“I know a Nigerian who could only afford to serve guests, family cabin biscuit and water at the naming of his second child. He owns a university today. It’s like you folks on Twitter assume that where you meet people is where they finish their lives in the next 20-40 years.

“You are not under any obligation to marry anyone earning 50K or less. My point here is that 50K is not a death sentence and those earning 50K can still grow. Marry who you want and be happy but 50K is not a death sentence for people on that level.

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