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Man disgraces girlfriend in front of her friends with fake marriage proposal (VIDEO)

A man has disgraced his girlfriend in front of her friends during a fake marriage proposal he staged.

This he didn’t in retaliation to something she told her friends about him. The lady, according to him, had told her friends that he gave her oral sex while she was on her menstrual period.

The video of the incident which is currently trending shows the man on his knee while the girlfriend and her friends were excited at the prospect of a marriage proposal.

Dipping his hand into his pocket, he said “She deserves it…”

While everyone thought he was reaching for an engagement ring, he brought his hand out empty and pointed the middle finger at her saying, “Ladies, will you go and f*** yourself. F*** you”

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The woman and her friends screamed as they found the scenario horrorful. Shocked at the man’s action, the woman shouted saying, “why would you do something like that?”

The man replied: “That’s what you get for telling your homegirls I ate you out on your period.”

Wtsch vide below.

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