Linda Ikeji speaks on depression, gives reason for suffering it

Celebrity blogger, Linda Ikeji has revealed one of the reasons for depression which many are suffering from today.

Sharing on social media, Linda Ikeji gave a solution which she believes will help people avoid falling into depression when they encounter one of the reasons for it.

She wrote:

“I think the best way to stay happy is letting go of what you think your life is supposed to be and embracing what your life is.

One of the greatest reasons for depression is lack of fulfillment. Not getting the things you want, the things you believe you deserve, the things you have fought for, prayed for, hoped for…the failures. Then you start looking at other people’s lives and comparing…forgetting everyone is on their own journey and no two journeys, even along the same path, are alike.

To stay happy, you have to enjoy your life as it is. It is all that you have. It is all that matters. And then look into the future with trust in God and trust in your journey.

I wish you a miracle-filled week. God bless”.

Linda Ikeji
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