June 12: How Buhari visited MKO Abiola’s grave to pray

Despite the cold relationship that Buhari and the late MKO Abiola had while he was alive, the current Nigerian president, Buhari deemed it fit to honor him at his grave yard in 2011.

Late MKO Abiola’s son, Abdulmumuni revealed this in a chat with PLUS TV Africa.

According to him, many of MKO Abiola’s friends turned against him after his death, except for Buhari and a few others.

Buhari visited MKO Abiola's grave

“Buhari in 2011 came to this house when he was running for the elections and went to his grave and prayed despite the fact that they weren’t friends when he was alive. I was driving him around when he told me about the relationship between them. I drove him to the Oba’s place, he looked at me and said, my father wasn’t his friend, he said the truth and it was refreshing to hear, yet he was humble enough to come to his house to pray at his grave.”

Abdulmumuni, son of late Kudirat Abiola, further lamented the lack of improvement in the educational and health sector.

According to him, Nigeria hasn’t improved than what it was in 1993 when his father contested and won the election for presidency.

Giving a first hand account of the June 12 arrest, he said:

“The day was hectic, people were buzzing in and out, we were happy that Abiola was going to win.

Nigerians came out in the rain to vote for this Man and it was a watershed in our history.

We were home when the soldiers came in and blocked the whole crescent, searching for him everywhere.

“My dad was calm and was on the phone with BBC when they came in to arrest him. He was like yeh, they have come to pick me up but I want Nigerians to understand i will continue to fight them. He refused to give up. My dad realized that letting down Nigerians wasn’t an option.”

On the impact the arrest had on him, MKO’s son said:

“Before then, I felt as Nigerians we were happy people but when that happened i realized there was another side to being called Nigeria, it was a really scary experience. It was a bitter sweet and sad moment. …

After he got arrested, my mum kept it on the movement. She was outspoken and fought for what as right. Me and my siblings had to be smuggled out of Nigeria after she was murdered, we had to go through Cotonou because they were searching for us at the Nigerian Airports. “

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